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How Dry Ice Blasting Helps You GO GREEN
There are many reasons why being eco-friendly is important, especially in today's environment. But how can using dry ice blasting help you go green?

First of all, dry ice is generally made from recycled CO2. In most cases, the CO2 is sent from industrial plants to dry ice making facilities. It is shipped as a byproduct of industrial manufacturing. If this was not the case, the CO2 would be released into the atmosphere. The production of dry ice for dry ice cleaning helps delay this process.

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Tip of the Month: Improving Performance With What's Already in Your Toolbox
When it comes time to clean everyone wants to make sure they are doing the most thorough job possible. However, this is always more difficult and time consuming that it should be.

So what's the best way to deep clean without sacrificing more time? The answer lies in your IT-3 Box of Nozzles. Here you can find the tools to get those hard to reach places without using more time. Simply by using your 45° or 90° Extension Bend nozzles you can reach around anything without disrupting the production process. The Extension Bends comes in a 8.26 inch length, but there are other lengths available such as 12.2 inch and 16.4 inch.

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