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Gloves, Chilly Grip A311(S,M,L,XL) In Stock $5.64
Gatorade 33XXX In Stock $2.13 (8.5oz.) - $5.45 (21oz.)
Welder Cart SP100KC In Stock $220.29
Inferno Propane Torch KH825-01 In Stock $84.61
Wind 'N Go Flashlight 4992 In Stock $20.28
Auto Darkening Weld Helmet AFV102 In Stock Black $85.11
Carbide End Mills for Aluminum Various In Stock Varies by Size
Ridgid SeeSnake Micro Inspection Camera 25643 In Stock $325.27
Ice Buster SHAKER JUG/ICE BUSTER In Stock $14.46 (50# Bag) / $5.00 (10# Bag) / $8.00 (11# Jug)
Stormbuster Rainwear, Jacket w/Attached Hood MB36H (S-4X) In Stock $8.93
Stormbuster Rainwear, Jacket w/Detachable Hood MB36J (S-4X) In Stock $10.33
Stormbuster Bib Overall w/Double Knee Patch MB36O(size) In Stock $10.14
16" PVC Plain Toe Rubber Boot 87401(size) In Stock $16.52
Class 3 Hooded Sweatshirt C3SS400-(S-4X) In Stock $29.41
Winter Liner AA7(Color) In Stock $4.08
Allegro Eyeglass Wipes 0350A In Stock $7.73
Flashlight, Penlight 13051 In Stock $14.53
Flashlight, UK 4AA 14107 In Stock $22.92
Rod Guard RG100 In Stock $8.21
Carbide Endmills, 4-Flute M93098TA/M07593TA/MA07598TA In Stock Varies by Size
Carbide Endmills, 3-Flute M28584TZ/M28593TZ In Stock Varies by Size
6" Grinder with Tip WSG-14-150T In Stock $298.87
704526 - 18mm Plastic Snap Off Utility Knife 8 Point 704526 In Stock $1.41
ANSELL Hyflex Glove 11-600 In Stock 2.40 ea
B500B - SHOWA Hi-Tech Gloves BO500 In Stock 1.85 ea
Banner-Oversize Load PS-OSLB (5 / 7) In Stock Varies on Size
Barricade Light EM-102-PC In Stock $22.95
Batteries Various In Stock Varies - $0.83 to $3.20
Beacon Light CR212AM In Stock $87.46
BK110 - BEARKAT - Clear Lens BK110 In Stock 1.21
Carbodosur WCGCARBO In Stock $396.83
Champion Cutting Tool AC35 In Stock $950.79
ColdChek Lite Winter Jacket ColdchkliteJ(S-2X) In Stock $108.97
ColdChek Lite Winter Overalls ColdchkliteO (S-2X) In Stock $116.20
Cool Mesh Sport Shirt w/Tipping Stripe, OXARC Logo K431-OX In Stock $34.50
Cool-Off Bandana 8405-XX In Stock $2.21
Cover Plate AFV100 In Stock $1.79
Curved Handle Scratch Brush 83001 In Stock $2.75
Delineator Post w/Base 739TTOP In Stock $18.25
Diamond Edge Chop Saw Blade DW8500 In Stock $247.62
Driver's Glove MB480(Size) In Stock $6.30
Extension Cord EC500825 In Stock $38.70
Extension Cord EC500830 In Stock $53.85
Fein Mag Drill 72703761120 In Stock $2142.22
Fein Mag Drill KBM32Q In Stock $1465.28
Fleece Blanket BP81 In Stock $29.50
Flint Striker 2001D/4501D In Stock Single-$2.49 / Triple-$4.11
Highway Safety Flares 30NSP In Stock $3.40
Hot Hands Hand Warmers HH-2 In Stock $1.31
Individual Flu Preparedness Kit 6086 In Stock $10.08
Industrial Work Shirt, OXARC Logo SP214SS-OX In Stock $26.00
Knee Pads KN-1 In Stock $23.62
Knit Glove Liner 3430L In Stock $3.04
Ladies Nylon Jacket, OXARC Logo 8820-OX In Stock $55.00
Ladies Pique Knit Sport Shirt, OXARC Logo L420-OX In Stock $27.00
Ladies Polyester Hooded Shell, OXARC Logo 6020-OX In Stock $52.00
Ladies Short Sleeve Denim Shirt, OXARC Logo LSP11-OX In Stock $26.00
Ladies Sleeveless Zephyr Mesh Sport Shirt, OXARC Logo L472 - OX In Stock $34.50
Lightnin' Bug Lightnin Bug In Stock $13.46
Lined Drivers Glove MB6518(Size) In Stock $10.39
Lined Drivers Glove 6525(Size) In Stock $9.60 (S-L) / $9.83 (XL)
Long Sleeve Cotton Twill Shirt, OXARC Logo S600T-OX In Stock $34.50
Long Sleeve Denim Shirt, OXARC Logo SP10-OX In Stock $26.00
Long Sleeve Pique Knit Sport Shirt, OXARC Logo K320-OX In Stock $34.50
M2208 - MELBRAN Yellow Hooded Jacket M2208 In Stock $19.63 ea
M2211 - MELBRAN Yellow Overalls M2211 In Stock $19.63 ea
Mag Brush DT003 In Stock $79.95
Mag Brush DT001 In Stock $36.70
MagSafe Bifocal Safety Glasses, CC Series CC In Stock $7.62
MagSafe Full Lens Safety Glasses MSXXX In Stock $9.98
Mag Safe Safety Glasses, Bifocal BF225 In Stock $8.68
Mini Pocket Light, UK 2AAA 09005 In Stock $14.86
NITRILE - Multi-Purpose Gloves,100/bx N5201 In Stock 4.37(S-XXL)
Nylon Jacket w/Fleece Lining, OXARC Logo 8090-OX In Stock $55.00
Oxy/Acetylene Fitted Twin Hose LB-XXX In Stock Varies By Size
Pile Lined Drivers Glove 7144(Size) In Stock $9.77 (S-L) / $10.04 (XL)
RADIANS - Economy Class 2 Mesh Safety Vest SV2ZO In Stock $4.68 (S-3XL)
Red Lined Drivers Glove MB7150(Size) In Stock $6.61
REDLINE Flashlight 5599 In Stock $28.95
Reflective Paddle 18SSR In Stock Varies on Size
Ringer T-Shirt, Large Logo PC61R-OXLL In Stock $20.00
Ringer T-Shirt, Standard Logo PC61R-OXSL In Stock $20.00
Rubbermaid, 5-Gallon Cooler 1685-01-11 In Stock $35.76
SCRUBS Hand Cleaner SCRUBS In Stock $14.59
Shoe Handle Scratch Brush 83003 In Stock $3.02
Short Sleeve Denim Shirt, OXARC Logo SP11-OX In Stock $26.00
Short Sleeve Knit Shirt, OXARC Logo 106-OX In Stock $26.50
Short Sleeve Knit Sport Shirt, OXARC Logo K420-OX In Stock $27.00
Signal Wand 411060 In Stock $19.38
Sleeveless Shell, OXARC Logo 8400-OX In Stock $37.00
Smith & Wesson Safety Sunglasses SW152PCSI In Stock $6.79
SO2 Automatic Dispensing Unit ADS In Stock
Speedy Sharp Knife Sharpener SPEEDY SHARP In Stock $10.00
Spray Paint, Primer 1XXARV In Stock $3.80
Strobe Light 2012LPA In Stock $110.85
SV2ZG - Radians Economy Class 2 Green Mesh Safety Vest SV2ZG In Stock $4.68 ea
Tank Safety Vent Vent In Stock
Taylor Wharton Phase Seperator 1193-8C80 In Stock $73.33
Three-Season Jacket, OXARC Logo 8800-OX In Stock $56.00
Tip Cleaners 75XF00D In Stock Varies
Traffic Cone TCXXDW In Stock Varies on Size
Traffic Vest, Mesh C16002F/G-(size) In Stock $10.00
Triangle Kit HWT-3 In Stock $28.75
Twill Winter Liner RH2W In Stock $5.70
Unlined Drivers Glove MB490(Size) In Stock $8.25 (S-L) / $8.49 (XL) / $9.09 (XXL)
White Poly String Knit Glove 800L In Stock $9.46
Windshirt, OXARC Logo J727-OX In Stock $51.00
Wood Barricade BP2080824E-14G In Stock $27.56